Margaux Balemans, the talented 23-year-old sommelier at Le Sanglier des Ardennes, was honoured this week with the Young Sommelier Award of Excellence. This recognition comes on top of her recent second place in the Best Sommelier of Belgium competition and her victory in the Junior Sommelier of Belgium competition in 2020.

In this interview, Margaux expresses her gratitude to her parents and brother for their constant support, as well as to her mentors, notably Gianluca Di Taranto, wine director of Le Sanglier des Ardennes. She also mentions the investment of Wout Bru and Marc Coucke in her career.

As co-founder of "La Brigade du Vin", Margaux developed the wine game "Verwijn Jezelf" to educate wine lovers in a fun way. She talks about her desire to become a mentor in her own right and represent Belgium in the World's Best Sommelier competition.

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